Crochet, Skip one, Crochet

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Hi everyone, it’s been too long! I’ve missed writing and creating things to share with you, so I’m happy to return to sharing patterns after skipping a year (it’s been busy!).

I don’t know about you but I tend to get overly ambitious; take on too many things without enough time to accomplish them; then get bummed when I can’t accomplish everything. Well, venturing back to work after having my son was certainly a learning experience in how to prioritize activities. I know it has been said before, but being a working mom is a challenge! Before pudge came along I would bring home work and leisurely netflix and mark/plan my future lessons, which turned out to be a pre – pudge luxury. After working I just wanted to come home and spend time with my family and crochet seemed to always get pushed to the bottom of my list and onto tomorrow over, and over again.

It took a few months before I started to figure out the work – home balance a little bit and then I found out I was expecting pudge #2! It wasn’t until the summer came that I was able to dedicate more time to crochet again and felt such comfort at working with yarn again. Luckily, pregnancy makes it easy to decide what kind of projects to make, and since I knew this time I was having a girl I added pink and soft pastel coloured yarns to my stash. I quickly whipped up a hat to bring home my daughter in and started brainstorming a pretty blanket to make her.

I’ve only made a blanket once before, which was fairly simple and boring to make crocheting the same stitch over and over and over… Blankets take forever! I initially thought up a blanket of many colours, textures, designs and yarn, but unfortunately chose one yarn too different from the rest. After the blanket was a quarter of the way through, it was wonky in various sections and I was frustrated after sinking so much time into it. So, I once again decided to simplify.

You must choose your yarn wisely.

I’ve always loved the chevron stripe design and after using the star/ marguerite in scarves as gifts for my midwives and another scarf for a scarf exchange party (which I never actually made it to since my daughter arrived the day before the party). I decided to combine the chevron stripe with the star stitch and since I couldn’t find a pattern for it, I made my own! It took longer than expected (I rarely do blankets… because blankets take forever!), but I LOVE how it turned out! I also forgive the blanket sized length of time it takes because of how much I love the star stitch.

I happened upon some beautifully soft and pretty yarn that felt ilke crocheting with a cloud, although it is a handwash only yarn, it is still worth it (for me, that means its very soft and pretty!). The chevron gave the blanket the modern looking stripe I was going for and the star stitch gave it enough texture to keep it interesting. The blanket also doesn’t have very many spaces which I find little fingers tend to get caught in. If you’re interested in making one of your own I have the pattern posted on my Etsy page with directions on how to alter the pattern for different sized blankets and different yarns ( in case you don’t feel like crocheting with a cloud).

Well, I look forward to working up my next pattern for you ( which is already started!) and although my head is full of ideas at the moment, I’ll try to keep to one thing at a time so I still get to keep sharing.

Until next time!

You can find the pattern for the Shooting Stars Crochet Blanket / Chevron Star Stitch Baby Blanket  HERE .

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