Shrinking anger

First of all, Happy September everyone! I know summer is over but I’m excited for sweaters and pretty leaves. Autumn is just so lovely here.

I’ve had some requests to size down the Anger hat, so here’s the adjustments! Please be aware I didn’t make these fully, but if I were to, this is what I’d do. Also, when you’re shaping the brow I’d start with the same area to attach it but you might want to play with where you fold it over to attach since the dimensions are a little different.

Breathe in… breathe out.. feel your anger decreasing to an appropriate head size

Adjustments 3 – 5 years (20 inches) 6 – 10 years (21 inches)
Body Chain 64. Complete remainder as directed. Chain 68. Complete remainder as directed.
Top Complete rows 1 – 9 as described.

On row 10, instead: HDC 1 into bottom of Ch 1 and all remaining stitches. SS to top of 1st stitch to join. Cut, pull through and weave in ends.

Complete rows 1 – 9 as described. On row 10, instead: *HDC 1 into first 11 stitches and HDC 2 into the 12th stitch*. Repeat pattern between ** for remaining stitches. You will end in the middle of the repeat with 3 HDC 1’s. SS to top of 1st stitch to join. Cut, pull through and weave in ends.
Eyes Use 3.25mm size hook instead of 3.75mm Use 3.5mm hook instead of 3.75mm

Hope this helps and if you make one of these up or the original size I’d love to see them!

Here is the link to the original post with the Anger hat pattern as well so save you some searching:

Cozies and Coasters and Craft Shows Oh my!


Hello everyone!

It’s been busy around here, so this post is a short one! There’s the back to school prep (feels great after all this time with the little guy!); the rush to finish repainting my cupboards before school starts and I really have no time and of course the fun of crochet! I had my hooked yarn’ed over and ready to go to do my next Inside Out hat (which is going to be purple… 😉 ) when I remembered that I have a craft show coming up!

So, needless to say I’ve been making a lot of cup cozies lately and there was one in particular I loved that I wanted to share with you so I whipped up the pattern for you on my way down to the Jay’s game (who are on fire right now!). It’s for this acorn cup cozy which I made in one and two colours (I like them both!) with an Oak leaf (or not… again, I like ‘em both ). I’m selling this one for a Toonie, which should make my American friends happy since your dollar is destroying ours at the moment (much like the Jays destroyed the Detroit Tigers 15 – 1 woo!).

So happy to finally have a team doing awesome in Toronto!

The pattern is a PDF again, and the same layout as my freebies. You can get the pattern here:

Happy hooking! 🙂