Cozies and Coasters and Craft Shows Oh my!


Hello everyone!

It’s been busy around here, so this post is a short one! There’s the back to school prep (feels great after all this time with the little guy!); the rush to finish repainting my cupboards before school starts and I really have no time and of course the fun of crochet! I had my hooked yarn’ed over and ready to go to do my next Inside Out hat (which is going to be purple… 😉 ) when I remembered that I have a craft show coming up!

So, needless to say I’ve been making a lot of cup cozies lately and there was one in particular I loved that I wanted to share with you so I whipped up the pattern for you on my way down to the Jay’s game (who are on fire right now!). It’s for this acorn cup cozy which I made in one and two colours (I like them both!) with an Oak leaf (or not… again, I like ‘em both ). I’m selling this one for a Toonie, which should make my American friends happy since your dollar is destroying ours at the moment (much like the Jays destroyed the Detroit Tigers 15 – 1 woo!).

So happy to finally have a team doing awesome in Toronto!

The pattern is a PDF again, and the same layout as my freebies. You can get the pattern here:

Happy hooking! 🙂